Workplace Issues that can be Dealt with Legally


Deal legally with workplace issuesIt is common to workplace issues and disputes. Having many people with different personalities, some clashing with each other, is fairly difficult sometimes. But when is a workplace issue just an issue, and when is it too much?

Is it hindering you from your normal work routine? Are these issues forcing you to put less effort in your work assignments? Do you find your work assignments more difficult than normal? There may be more to it than just “the daily grind”.

Here are some issues that can be dealt with legally:


In this day and age, you might be wondering if discrimination still exists. The answer is, yes, it does. As open as our society is getting into accepting different social norms and cultures, there are still those who chose to belittle people just because they have differences in religions, traditions, beliefs, skin color, etc. Discrimination can come in different forms and you can seek legal advice from an attorney if it is becoming unbearable and costing you your job.

Minimum Wage

Minimum means it is the least amount a company or an employer must pay you per hour. The current minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. Work done is work earned and anything less is against the law. With the economy eating up our finances, every penny is worth saving. If you are not being paid the minimum amount per hour, you can deal with it legally.

Occupational Safety

This is for those who have high risk jobs (like construction, health care workers, etc.) An employer is required to strictly implement safety measures such as wearing hard hats, gloves, masks, boots, etc. depending on how high the risk is to the job. It is an employer’s job to ensure that those safety measures are followed by each and every one of his employees.


This too can come in many forms, may it be sexual, oral or physical harassment. You may think that only women experience harassment in the workplace, but there are also men who experience this. In a world where women seek equality with men, some women who are in position see men as competition and harass them by making work unbearable. To embarrass you in front of your colleagues is a form of harassment because there is always a more private or a less vulgar way to point out your mistakes. For women, harassment is usually sexual. Many employers hire base on looks and use this as leverage to get what they want from the employee. Do not be afraid to talk to the authorities. It is your right to speak up when you’re being harassed in any way.

Overtime Pay

It is stated by the law that work hours exceeding 40 hours a week is considered over time, except for Saturday, Sundays and holidays. This means that over time during regular work days are to be paid accordingly (time and a half of the regular rate of pay). Remember, work done is work earned.

Equal Opportunity

Some employers play favorites. It doesn’t mean that your boss doesn’t like you, it’s just that he likes the other guy more. But what if you have the same qualifications, strengths and capabilities, but he keeps on choosing this other guy over you? You both deserve equal opportunities to show what you can do at work, to show what you can contribute to the company.

Don’t just stand or sit there, taking in all the hardships that they throw at you. Now that you know better, you can defend your rights in your work place, may it be from your co-workers or your boss. Your job is important. It is your source of income, it is your livelihood. It may even b how you provide for your family. Don’t let your job be jeopardized because of these issues.

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