Federal Government Employement

Finding and Applying for Federal Jobs

If you are looking for more information regarding federal jobs, you can visit USAJOBS.gov and check their site for FAQs such as:

Most of the federal jobs that have vacancy are posted on USAJOBS but if you are looking for a specific work form a certain agency, they may also post vacancies independently on their own websites or other site. If you are interested in a certain agency, you can check the A-Z Index of Government Agencies.

If you are having issues and problems regarding this topic, you can visit USAJOBS Support for more information.

Always remember that applications for federal jobs are free, the U.S. government does not permit or ask an application fee or any form of payment for that matter. To avoid scams regarding applications and to learn more about it, you can visit government job scams.

Former Federal Employees

If you previously worked for the government or held a federal job and is interested in working for the government again, you can avoid public competition and hustle for the vacancy because you can be eligible for reinstatement.

Students and Recent Graduates

The government also offers internships and entry level for students and newly graduates, if you are interested; you can Find student job opportunities.


For people who have served the military and are interested in getting a job in the government; information and answers to FAQs can be seen at FedsHireVets.gov. This site provides information regarding special hiring authorities, veterans’ preferences and other necessary and helpful information for veterans seeking federal civilian jobs.

People with Disabilities

A process called Schedule A, enables People with disabilities can be appointed to federal jobs without having to go through the competitive process of application.


This is a program offered by the government which enables applicants to improve on their skills and knowledge that are needed for their job applications. This program includes a combination of on-the-job or hands-on training and related instructions.

Different apprenticeships vary in length, with a minimum of one year and a maximum of 6 years. An apprenticeship offers real work experiences to apprentices which they can later on use when they become employees. Apprentices who are able to complete the program will receive a certification which serves as proof of their qualifications from the Department of Labor (DOL).

For more information regarding this program:

Civil Service Exam

Previously, an applicant only needs to pass a single civil service exam and he or she will be able to enter any federal job, but this is no longer the case now. Most vacancies in the federal government no longer require applicants to pass a written exam but there are certain testing that may be required depending on the position and agency one is applying for.

Federal job vacancies are announced at USAJOBS.gov, this site also contains positions that may require a certain written examination and the person whom you can contact in case you are interested.

You may visit USA.gov’s A-Z index of U.S. government departments and agencies for specific contact information for the personnel department of a specific federal agency you are applying at. Your local telephone directory also contains contact information which is located in the government section.

Government Internships

This is a program for students which enable them to experience real work experience at the same time while they are expanding their knowledge. There are different internship opportunities for certain student population such as for undergraduates, graduates and law students:

Security Clearance

A security clearance is a status granted to individuals which allows then to gain access to certain information from a government or private organization.

Federal Government

  • Different federal positions may have different requirements; therefore not all may require a security clearance status. A suitability adjudication process is a requirement for all applicants that are eligible for a position in any Federal job.
  • One of the protocols included in the security clearance process is the background check or investigation of the applicant. This is conducted to assess a person’s credibility, loyalty, trustworthiness, character and reliability before a clearance is released.
  • An applicant will be asked to fill out a questionnaire prior to the start of the investigation. The questions differ depending on the type of clearance that is required for the position. The three levels of clearance that is used by the U.S. government are confidential, secret, and top secret.
  • Once an applicant is granted with the clearance, it allows him or her to gain access to critical and classified information that is covered by the level of clearance that is granted to them.
  • You can visit the Federal Investigative Services (OPM-FIS) for further information regarding U.S. government security clearances and background checks.
  • The security officer of the federal agency you are applying at can be contacted for specific questions about security clearance. The Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM)Systems Access Support Team (SAST) at 1-724-794-5612, extension 4600 can be called instead if you are unsure of who to call; they will be able to assist and direct you the right person within the agency.

Private Companies

There are some private companies that perform business with local, state, or federal government agency; they may be required to get a security clearance using the specific government agency’s security clearance granting system.

There are also private companies who protect intellectual property rights and financial information, therefore they need security clearances as well because these companies usually perform background checks which usually include work history, criminal and credit history.