US Naturalization Through Parents

US Naturalization Through Parents


There are actually 4 ways on how to obtain US citizenship through your parents. In fact, most of the people who are now living in the US are not fully aware of this. If you are born in the US or any of its territories with US citizen parents, you are already a citizen. Even if you were still a minor when your parents have been granted US citizenship, you are automatically a US citizen already.

4 Ways To Obtain US Citizenship

  • Born in any parts of the United States
  • Born to a US citizen parent
  • Naturalization
  • Naturalization of one’s parents

However, these are also categorized into three (3) groups.

Children Born In The US Territory

Most of the time, children that are born in any part of the United States will automatically be granted US citizenship. On the other hand, children that are born in the US but are recognized as the citizen of foreign countries will not receive a US citizenship right away. They will have to undergo another process of naturalization. Once you were born in the US, your citizenship will be yours until your last breath unless you are going to give up citizenship through filing an oath.

Children Born To US Citizen Parents

If your parents are US citizens, you will also obtain US citizenship. This is called acquisition of citizenship. This will also apply to children who are born in foreign countries with US citizen parents. On the other hand, there are also cases wherein acquisition is quite complicated to obtain, most especially if the parents are not married. That is why the US government implemented the laws based on the birth of the child and these laws usually vary.

  • Born before May 24, 1934
  • May 25, 1934, to January 12, 1941
  • January 13, 1941, to December 23, 1952
  • December 24, 1952, to November 13, 1986
  • November 14, 1986, to present

Children Born With Naturalized Citizen Parents

There are also certain instances wherein parents are applying for naturalization. Once parents are granted with US citizenship, children may also have the advantage to obtain US citizenship. However, the laws that are applied in this kind of process will also vary depending on the dates of the naturalization of the parents.

  • Before May 24, 1934
  • May 24, 1934, to January 12, 1941
  • January 13, 1941, to December 23, 1952
  • December 24, 1952, to October 4, 1978
  • October 5, 1978, to February 26, 2001
  • February 27, 2001, to present

How To Prove Your Citizenship

If you have claims that you have the right to obtain US citizenship, it is best to prove your citizenship. Determine which category you will fall under and identify the laws that will be applied to your based on the dates mentioned above.

It would also be ideal to hire a lawyer that specializes in such cases to further study your status. Make sure you have sufficient evidence before making a claim. An expert lawyer has the knowledge on how to process your citizenship in accordance with the United States laws and constitution.



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