Understanding Health Insurance Policies


Basic coverage under health insurance policiesHealth Insurance or Health Care Coverage may be acquired through a private company, social health insurance or a program made by the government to help in health care. This insurance helps you when you are in need of medical attention and cannot afford to pay the whole medical fee all at once. This can be very beneficial since medical expenses are usually unplanned for.

Below are the basic coverage provided by most health insurance companies:

Pregnancy and Mother/Child Care

The process of pregnancy, delivery, and taking care of a new born baby can be very costly, especially in this economy. Having a health care insurance helps you cut off some of those expenses, which means you can spend a bit more on other things such as diapers, baby clothes, formula, etc.

Outpatient Care

Minor accidents require medical attention as well. This too is covered in your health insurance even. Outpatient care is basically any medical care you need where you aren’t required to stay the night in the hospital. The costs that could be incurred here are prescribed medications, tests and x-rays, doctors’ fees, etc. The only difference is that you won’t be paying for the hospital room.

Emergency Cases

Accidents are accidents and emergencies are emergencies. Sometimes we have to spend more than what is necessary because something unexpected happened. Without health insurance, most people wouldn’t have cash ready to pay for unexpected emergencies.

Long Hospital Stays

Surgeries require prolonged hospital stays. The elderly and the young most often take the longest in terms of hospitalization because the young haven’t fully developed yet and the elderly have complications that need to be observed for a longer period of time. Those who have been in cerebral accidents require to be in the special areas such as the ICU. For situations like this, hospital bills would quickly stack up. With a health insurance, the cost can be lowered or even fully covered so all you have to worry about is recovery.


Almost all medical casualties need laboratory services. Blood extractions, urine samples, lung x-ray, etc. are done to determine what an illness and what treatment to use. This depends on the doctor’s initial findings. Usually after observation and much interrogation, the doctor will make a request for laboratory work for confirmation of his suspected illness. Depending on the severity, laboratory tests may be quite expensive because of the different methods that need to be used.

Prescription Drugs

When you get sick, you will probably need medications to aid your recovery. A lot of people also have maintenance drugs that need to be taken daily to control symptoms of underlying illnesses. Most of these prescription drugs aren’t cheap. Imagine spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars monthly just for medicine. Having health insurance would lighten your burden financially.

Some private health insurance have additional benefits as well, like:

Birth Control

Birth control is an optional feature that some insurance companies provide. This is usually for the purpose of family planning and making sure that unplanned pregnancies do not happen.


If you care about your teeth as much as the rest of your body, then you may want to get dental coverage. This is also a great to have if you have a family because children need tooth extractions, braces, etc. for their teeth.

When you take out health care insurance, make sure to read and ask about all of the features and covered situations. Read the fine print as well. You would want to have peace of mind that any medical issue that can happen would be covered by your insurance.

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