It is not unheard of to have your money stuck in the hands of the federal government. Whether your money is with the banks, or yours is with a credit union or even pension schemes, you can take back your unclaimed money by following the procedures outlined here for you.

Where do I search for my unclaimed money?

As it stands, there is no centralized system online to aid you find your unclaimed money at the moment, but there are a couple of options available that you can utilize properly. Some of these option are as follows:

In Your State

[Search by State] – This link will take you to a list compiled by your state for properties and monies that have not be claimed.

Back Wages

[Unpaid wages] – This link takes you to the database of the Wage and Hour Division (WHD). However, this is a list only comprising of people whose monies are yet to be claimed, not for those who haven’t been paid by their bosses.

For Retirees

[Pensions from Former Employers] – This link will give you access to pension funds that are unclaimed, particularly from dead companies. Companies that also closed a specified plan can also have pensioners (former employees) claim their monies from this source.

What About Taxes?

[Tax Refunds] – You will be able to access your unclaimed cash from the Internal Revenue Service as well via this link if you are yet to receive a refund sent to you.

Banks, Money And Investments

[Bank Failures] – When faced with bank failures, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is available to help you get your unclaimed money easily.

[Credit Union Failures] – In the instances where you have been faced with unsuccessful credit union associations, unclaimed funds (deposits) can be gotten back through this link.

[SEC Claims Funds] – There are scenarios where an individual or company is indebted to an investor. The Securities and Exchange Commission has taken the time to compile a list of cases that have been enforced.

[Damaged Money] – When you have United States currency permanently damaged, the Treasury Department are in place to actually exchange it with fresh ones for you.


[FHA-Insurance Refunds] – The United States’ Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has a system that qualifies you for a refund in the cases where you have an FHA-insured mortgage. When you are navigating the database of the HUD, an FHA case number is mandatory. This number comprises of 9 figures—3 figures followed by a dash (-) and then the remaining 6 figures.

Savings Bonds

[Search for Savings Bonds That Stopped Earning Interest] – If you have had mature savings bonds from as far back as 1974 and these are not fruitful any longer in terms of interest, you can search for it by courtesy of Treasury Hunt.

[Calculate the Value] – This link enables you to calculate the value of your paper savings bond easily.

[Replace a Savings Bond] – In the cases where there is a need for the replacement of your missing or damaged paper savings bond, this is your link.

International Claims

[Foreign Claims] – Citizens of the United States who are owed money from the government of other countries (especially after losing properties) can claim their monies too.

Scams Related To Unclaimed Money

Despite all the straight and legit ways of getting unclaimed funds, there are still scammers out there that pose as the government and employ a variety of dubious means to rip people off. Remember that these imposters, no matter how smooth or confident, employ basically the same strategy: they call you or get in touch with you somehow. First of all, the agencies in the US government responsible will not call you concerning matters of unclaimed properties or unclaimed funds.

[Government imposter scams] – The link from the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) gives you some guidelines that will aid you in avoiding these scams.

Federal Tax Refund Checks- Unclaimed And Delivery Failures

The United States IRS are recorded to have unclaimed and undelivered refunds on tax going into the millions annually. This figure is enormous, but true.

Undelivered Federal Tax Refund Checks

If you are changing your residence, it is important to let the IRS know because your refunded check is always mailed to your last address (which they have). Of course, notifying the Postal Service is another good option. The check will be sent back to the IRS though if you are not available at your old address. For an undelivered federal tax refund, kindly check out IRS’ [Refund Status]. In this case, your precise amount is required, along with you Social Security Number and your filing status. Additional, you could be advised to also change your online address info. Alternatively, give the IRS a call on [IRS’ Refund Hotline].

In case you do change your residential address, send a [Change of Address Form 8822] to the IRS. Remember to also send a [Change of Address] to the Postal Service as well.

Unclaimed Federal Tax Refunds

In the case where you qualify to get a federal tax refund, but you are unable to file the return, you won’t be able to claim your federal tax refund. So, when you do not even need to actually file any return at all, it would be a good idea for you to do any of the following, or even both:

However, you can file a return (within a 3-year period) even if you failed to do so previously due to wages falling below the requirements.

State Refund Checks

If you require more info on state tax refund check, then [contact your state revenue department]

Contact the Internal Revenue Service

For further info, [contact the Internal Revenue Service]