Travelling around the United States can be a wonderful experience. To make the most of it, travel safely by following these tips.

Safety For Pedestrian, Bicycle And Motorcycle

Whether you’re walking or riding, it’s best to keep caution, knowledge and those helmets for safety.

Pedestrian Safety

Remember that most caution shoukd be taken by kids, older adults and of course, people who have been drinking. These individuals as considered the most at-risk pedestrians. You can show kids some videos about being safe while walking for easier understanding.

Bicycle Safety

It is almost always easier for kids to understand rules and safety while riding the bicycle by showing them videos. Also, when getting a helmet, make sure that the helmet fits properly. You click here to see a video and some tips.

Motorcycle Safety

Always wear a helmet and make sure that you have the right one. Motorcycle crashes are not an uncommon thing and the chances of dying in a crash can be greatly reduced by 37 percent.

You can watch the video here which can help you choose right helmet, as well as tips to spot on bad ones.

Safe Driving Tips During Severe Weather

During severe weather conditions, different conditions may pose serious driving lessons like flood, heat and snow. It’s important to know enough on what to do and how to prepare for these situations just to keep ourselves safe.

Winter Driving

For winter driving, get your car ready and make sure to stock on the right emergency gears. There are also winter driving safety tips you can check.

Summer Driving

For your summer road trips, planning a safe one should be your priority.


When you encounter floods, remember ‘Turn around, don’t drown’. You can also download the flood safety driving for more information.(PDF, Download Adobe Reader)

Stay Safe on the Road

Keeping yourself safe on the road is not an easy feat but knowing the right things can help you understand certain risks and keep people safe.

Safe Driving Tips

Distracted Driving

There’s always an extent of danger of texting and other forms of distracted driving that we can avoid. Start by knowing the laws in your state. Teens, parents and educators can greatly help in keeping teen drivers safe by looking for tools about safety driving.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a pretty serious matter, killing almost 30 people in one day in the US. You can also help out by taking your own step in learning points on how to help prevent drinking and driving.

Click on this to view on a Safe Driving Pinterest board for additional tips.

Driving Guidelines

Child Car Seats

Make sure to put your child in the right car seat, depending on age. Make time for car seat inspection stations.

Teen Driving

It’s important for young drivers to have more time to learn complex driving skills and learning about the graduated driver licensing laws can help. Parental involvement can also help by setting ground rules and by setting examples.

Older Drivers

Remember to plan ahead, takes steps to keep the older driver in your life safe and always keep safe driving tips.

Travel By Train Or Bus

Travelling by train or bus has its benefits- price, comfort and/or convenience over plane or car.

Bus Travel

Travelers can try the inexpensive commercial buses. You can make your research on your options for safer bus companies from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety administration..

They help on Safety information for travelers and trip planners, Bus company safety records, SaferBus mobile app and Tips for chartering a bus.

You can report bus safety issues at 1-888-DOT-SAFT (1-888-368-7238) from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET, Monday to Friday. You can also visit the National Consumer Complaint Database.

Train Travel

Amtrak is the nationwide passenger rail network. It is a federally-chartered, for-profit organization. You can visit their website, to buy tickets, travel schedules, find stations and more.

Together, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and Amtrak monitor Amtrak’s performance. The FRA oversees the US railroad safety and makes investigations for serious railroad accidents about causes and compliance with safety laws and regulations. Check out FRA recommendations for preventing passenger trains on speed.