Travel Requirements When Going To US Territories

Travel Requirements When Going To US Territories


Traveling and exploring places is a personal craving and everyone has a preference. Most Americans love Asia and distant islands but some choose the nearby islands that are paradise as well but with less air travel. In visiting US territories, a US citizen must be familiar with the travel requirements due to certain differences of each territory on visa and identification.

Traveling To Guam

Just like in any US destination, when a US citizen is coming from mainland USA or another US territory, the citizen may be able to enter with just a proof of citizenship and a valid photo card such as driver’s license. If departure point is other than the mainland, citizens are required to possess a US passport.

Transgender persons will be screened just like any passengers through an advanced imaging technology but if preferred, may request for the private screening.

Visa is not required for US citizens.

Vaccination, although not required, the vaccine for hepatitis A and B is recommended for all travelers.

Traveling To American Samoa

When traveling to American Samoa, US passport is required regardless of the point of departure.

Take note that only American Samoa requires an Entry Visa from all US citizens.

Vaccination not required but the vaccine for Hepatitis A and Typhoid is recommended when traveling to American Samoa due to possibly contaminated food and water.

Traveling To Northern Mariana Islands

Thhe Northern Mariana Islands government does not require US citizens with a US passport or a Tourist Visa and may stay there up to one-month visa-free.

Unlike Guam, the passport is required on the island upon entry.

There is also no vaccination required but just like American Samoa, vaccine for Hepatitis A and Typhoid is recommended.

Traveling To Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, a US citizen from the mainland can enter without a passport or visa. Although, it is necessary to produce a government-issued ID photo (local, state of federal) to be allowed to board a plane. On the other hand, all US citizens traveling by air between the US, Canada, Mexico and South America are required to present a valid passport.

To those who would be traveling with children, those under the age of 15 and under may enter with only a US birth certificate or other proof of US citizenship.

Take note that US citizens do not need to clear a Puerto Rican Customs upon the arrival of the plane or the ship from the United States mainland.

Traveling To US Virgin Island

For the last US territory, same applies. Passport is not required but one must show proof of citizenship like a raised-seal birth certificate and any government issued ID. Visa is also not required for US citizens and you can stay up to 30 days.

If you are going to bring your pet, there are no isolation regulations but the airlines require the health certificate from a veterinarian certifying shots are up to date.

If you want to drive in US Virgin Islands, a US driver’s license is required. Take note that seatbelts are required by law and it is not legal to drive in speaking on the phone.

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