Learn about your Right to Privacy


Learn about right to privacyThe 21st century has seen the most innovation in terms of technology and science. The internet, which was primarily made for disseminating information through electronic mail, which is much faster than the snail mail, has now grown to be a venue of communication between people who are miles and miles apart in real time.

With the help of Facebook, social media has boomed, and now everybody can post anything under the sun. More and more lives are becoming less private. Camera phones can be used to record one’s daily activities without one’s consent, and this can be posted to the internet for anyone to see and share (retweet, repost, etc.)

Know your right to privacy and learn how to not be a victim of any privacy crimes.

A Private Living Space

This means that you have the right to solitude in your own abode. Your house, your apartment, your dorm room, these are all private spaces where individuals have the right to practice personal matters of their own. No one can force their way into your private space without your consent. No one may install any hidden cameras/ microphones or “bugs” in your space. Anything you find in your private space that you did not ask for can be reported to the authorities.

Private Information

Maybe you were adopted but you don’t want the public to know; that is your right. It doesn’t and will have no direct effect to the society if it is made public, and making it public could be offensive to you. No one has the right to disclose your personal information to the public without you being okay with it, even if it is the truth. Every piece of information concerning you can only be given out by another person with your consent, otherwise it is against your right to public disclosure.

Right Information

You have the right to the truth, especially about yourself, to the public. A person may claim false accusations about you, this is defamation. Sometimes they use information that aren’t totally false but is misleading and are still against you. This is still a form of false light. Why is this wrong? Because you have the right to a balanced mental and emotional well-being, which defamation take away from you. Erroneous information may lead to a lot of seriously negative effects.

Personality Rights

Basically, this means that nobody is allowed to use your name or likeness to get things that are yours. This may come in the form of identity theft. Some people, when they get your information, may use your name to seek benefits from institutions. They can also get into your bank accounts and clean you out that way. They could also commit crimes and use your name when caught. These are serious crimes that need to be addressed immediately.

When you know what rights you have, especially when it comes to privacy, you’ll be more vigilant and can better avoid problems. Whenever your rights are being violated, go to the authorities and get help.

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