Research a Candidate’s Views

Most candidates running for any position will have their own website wherein their views and positions are posted regarding various subjects. Additionally, voting guides also provide information about the stand of candidates regarding certain topics and their answers to questions. Issue-specific organizations and newspapers are able to provide these guides for voters. A Nonpartisan political organization called the  League of Women Voters has an  online voter guide which includes a sample ballot, links to the websites of candidates, and answers and point of views of candidates in relation to specific topics.

For further information, you can contact the candidate’s campaign or local office.

Research a Candidate Who is Holding or Has Held an Office

The voting history of a candidate is public. You can use the following resources for further information

  • gov – contains voting record of a candidate running for federal office (representative or senator)
  • state legislature website – information on candidates that have held state office
  • Local government – for candidates holding local county of local offices

Contact Political Parties

You can contact the Republican Party or the Democratic Party for information about their candidates. Other political parties (Third Party), their respective headquarters can be contacted.

  • For further information regarding voting or about the ballot measures in your state, contact your state election office.