Register to Vote and Elections

Learn about voting, how the electoral college works, contacting elected officials, and more.

Register to Vote

Locate your state’s voter registration deadline; learn how and where to register; and find information on voter eligibility.

Learn about Elections and Voting

See campaign finance reports, children’s resources, and voting district maps. Learn election facts and history, how the electoral college works, and more.

Where Do I Vote?

Find your polling location and hours on your state election website.

Request an Absentee Ballot

Find out how you can request an absentee ballot to vote if you are away from home on Election Day.

Volunteer and Contribute to the Election Process

Learn how you can become a poll worker; donate to candidates and committees; and participate in other election-related activities.

Track Fundraising and Spending in Federal Elections

Learn about donations and expenditures in the presidential and congressional races.

Contact Your Elected Officials

Call, e-mail, or mail U.S. state and federal elected officials and government agencies.

  1. A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies
  2. Branches of Government
  3. Contact Government by Topic
  • State, Local, and Tribal Governments
  1. Contact Your State Governor
  2. Federally Recognized Indian Tribes and Resources for Native Americans 
  3. Local Governments
  4. State Consumer Protection Offices
  5. State Government


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