Reasons For Passport Application Being Denied

Reasons For Passport Application Being Denied


A passport is one of the most important things that a person must have if he wants to go abroad. In order for you to go to another country than the USA, you must possess a passport. It is a valuable thing that may let you pass to proceed to your dream destination. If you want to have a passport and avoid being denied, you can take note of these errors that may affect your passport application.

Complete Information Is Important

Form DS-11 is the form for your passport application. It is very easy to fill out this required paperwork if you have all the information that must be provided in the form. Leaving any incomplete information in this form may lead your passport application to be denied. Even your Social Security number is very important for you to include in this form. Make sure that you filled the form with correct spelling and correct information that can also affect your passport application.

Incomplete Documents Those Are Required

There are also some documents that are required to prove your identity and to know you better. Some of those requirements are previous U.S. passport that may prove that you are a United States citizen, a certified birth certificate with full names of your both parents, a certificate of citizenship or a Naturalization certificate and a certificate of birth abroad. You may also need a valid driver’s license for further additional requirements. If you do not have these documents, you do not have to worry because you may contact the U.S. Department of State’s passport services department for you to know the other required documents to prove your citizenship. It is very important to know the complete requirements for you not to be rejected.

Hard To Read Copies

Photocopies of your documents are required bringing in applying for a passport. These documents are necessary for you to be approved. There is very strict standard that you must follow. Stick in mind that you must use the standard size of paper which is 8 ½-by-11inch paper. It is the usual size of paper that printers use. You must copy the front side and the back side of your documents. Make sure that the front and back are copied on the one side of the paper. If the document is too large and does not fit the paper, you may copy those in separate sheets. Copy your documents in actual size. You can enlarge it if it is not readable enough. Never reduce the size of your document. Have your copies with its best quality.

Failure To Pay The Application Fees

Application fees are important for you to process your passport application. There are steps that must be followed. Make sure that you paid the right amount and be mindful with the expenses that you are paying for. Failure to pay these fees may result in rejection.

Issues That Are Legal

Criminal cases are detected by officers that are working for your passport application. If your name is included under investigation, your passport application will more probable to be denied.

These are only some of the issues that may cause your passport application to be denied. These are the things that you may keep in your mind in having passport application. You must know all the things that will be done to have a successful passport application.

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