Reasons For Being Deported In The US

Reasons For Being Deported In The US


Although a person carries a nonimmigrant visa or a green card, it does not give them a guarantee that you can live in America permanently. There are certain rules that every arriving alien must follow if you want to stay in the US longer. This article will discuss the reasons why a person gets deported.

Violation Of The Terms Of Visa, Green Card, And Other Status

The purpose of these documents is to legalize your stay in America. However, the terms and conditions offered by each document are different. There are Visas, such as a Tourist Visa, which only lasts for six months. If it expires, you must apply for another Visa so you can stay longer in America. If you fail in renewing the contract, and you keep hiding from the government, then there is a chance that you will get deported.

Helping Other Aliens From Entering America Without Due Process

When a person, who lives in America, but still not a citizen, helps an alien to enter the US under their nose, it could be the ground for deportation. The only way to get there is to get the necessary documents before going to the US or—if you are an American citizen—apply a petition to get your loved ones who live in another country. It might take years, but you can bring them in the US without breaking any rules.

Fixed Marriage

Some foreigners, who want to live in the US, choose to marry an American citizen to prolong their stay. However, if a person got married prior getting a US green card and files for a divorce within two years can be a ground for deportation. Thus, you need to prove the US government that your marriage is not a fraud to avoid problems with the government.

Committing Crimes

A crime is still a violation no matter how vicious it is. If you commit a crime during your stay in the US, there is a chance that you will get deported. However, the deportation period is temporary. You can still return in America in five years or so, depending on your case. Nevertheless, you need to apply for readmission if you want to go back there.

Falsification Of Citizenship

There are some who forges their citizenship. The reason is they want to get the benefits of the US citizens. However, forging your citizenship is a ground for deportation. If the government finds out that you are not a real citizen, they will force you to leave the country immediately.

Those are the grounds for deportation from the US. If you do one of these things, there is a chance that you’ll get deported. Though you can go back in a few years, you must undergo a long process to get readmission. Nonetheless, you can stay in America with fewer worries. You just need to follow their rules and regulations for immigrants by renewing your documents, not committing crimes, such as felony, drug and human trafficking, and getting married because of love.

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