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How To Avoid Delays When Processing Your Work Visa


work visa processYou already went through a lot of stress processing and completing your documents just to be able to go abroad. The last thing you need would be a delay in the process. This could be a real problem if you are processing your work visa. More often than not, employers are very strict and particular with time and they can get impatient if the employee they are waiting for is taking a long time to arrive.

1. Apply Early

Processing your papers and documents early can help you avoid delays that are cased by human and vehicular traffic. When you are early for your application, you will also be among the first in line and will be able to finish faster compared to those who came in late. This will also enable you to face people in the consulate while they are still in a good mood and are not yet too tired.

2. Complete Your Documents

Most delays in work visa application comes from document completion. Make sure to have a checklist of the papers that you need which will serve as a guide for you to always have a complete set of documents. Aside from having a complete set of original documents, you also need to have a complete set of photocopied documents.

3. Bring Your CV During The Visa Interview

Your CV or resume can serve as proof that you are indeed eligible for the position you are applying for in that foreign country. The consulate don’t always look for this but it would still be best to always bring it with you.

4. Complete Forms Accordingly

Another way to avoid delays would be to complete application forms legibly and clearly. Write in a manner wherein everybody will be able to understand what you have written. Make sure that all dates are correct and all words are spelled correctly. Also, details written in your application forms should be consistent with your other documents to avoid problems.

5. Keep In Mind The Validity Of Forms

Application forms have different validities, usually up to 6 months. Make sure that once you have filled out the forms, you submit it immediately to avoid further delays. Also, ensure that all your other documents are updated and valid.

6. Frequently Communicate With Your Employer

Frequent communication with your employer is important. Sometimes they can also help in making the work visa processing faster than usual. You should always keep your employer updated regarding the status of your application so that they know what to do in order to help you out. There can be instances wherein the consulate will talk to your employer and your answers should always be congruent with theirs to avoid problems and discrepancies, which in turn can lead to delays.

7. Pay The Right Fees In The Right Way

There are different fees to settle when processing a work visa. Keep in mind that there are certain fees with specific mode of payments. You have to follow their required mode of payment because payment return is no longer possible and this will just cause further problems on your part.


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