Find a Government Organization to Volunteer your Time


There are a lot of people who always seem to have a lot of time in their hands, always trying to find something to do but always seem to end up just procrastinating. Some spend most of their time absorbed with the entertainment technology brings. They can spend endless hours in front of the computer or have their thoughts buried deeply thinking about the perfect thing to post on social media.

Volunteer through these organizations to help the people in needHave you ever thought about those people who need your time? Yes, your free time is enough to help the unfortunate. There are countless private and public initiatives where one can volunteer. Not only are you serving other people, but the country as well.

Choose a government organization to volunteer your time.

United We Serve

United We Serve is a national and community service initiative that was started by President Obama in January 2013 which coincides with the Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend of Service, resulting to unexpected number of participants in the form of families. This initiative was built on the belief that extraordinary things can be accomplished by ordinary people as long as they work together as one community and volunteer for the one purpose: to help the country and the nation rise up to problems. There are different volunteer works that still need helping hands.

Joining Forces

This is a nationwide initiative that was launched by First Lady Michelle Obama with Dr. Jill Biden in 2011. Joining Forces is a movement that calls all Americans to aid service members and veterans not only by helping them out but also by extending a hand to their families. The primary goal of the initiative is to support American service members, veterans and their families in wellness, employment opportunities and education. The group along with other private and public sectors want to make sure that these people have what they need to be able to succeed through life.

Peace Corps

Peace Corps is one of the longest running volunteer programs by the government of the United States of America. A volunteer is usually a college degree holder who is required to train for a few months and is assigned to other areas for around 2 to 3 years. Their work usually covers social and economic development. They are assigned to foreign countries to teach people about the American culture and they help fellow Americans to learn the culture of foreign countries.

Citizen Corps

This is a government initiative that aims to empower each and every citizen in the country. Volunteers of the Citizen Corps educate, inform, train and encourage people to promote a safer, stronger and well prepared community especially in cases such as disasters, terrorist attacks, public health issues and all kinds of threat to the peace and safety of the nation.

Federal Election

If you want to ensure that the elections are conducted clean and fair for all, this initiative is the one for you. Federal election volunteers assist during elections. They are needed to ensure that each election will end up successfully.

Natural Resources Conservation Earth Team

Volunteering to be a part of Natural Resources Conservation Earth Team is like paying mother earth back what she truly deserves and making for the mistakes that people have done to her. They work hand in hand with private groups to improve the condition of the soil people are planting in, encourage and help conserve water, help improve air quality and enhance the habitat of the wildlife we have left. Adolescents as young as 14 years old can volunteer in this initiative, there is no age limit.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a part of the U.S. Commerce Department. The focus of their work is to accurately predict and research about the weather and the climate. Through this mission, they are able to enhance economic safety and stability. Volunteers take an active part in research, education and observation which benefits ongoing studies, the citizens of the country and the whole planet.


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