How To Sponsor Foreign Siblings

How To Sponsor Foreign Siblings


An individual may be able to bring his or her siblings to the United States to be green card holders. All they have to do is to submit the requirements and follow the protocol that is set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. This article contains information on how to sponsor foreign siblings to live in the US.


It is important to note that the only ones who can petition their foreign siblings are US citizens who are at least 21 years old. Permanent residents or green card holders will not be able to petition their brothers and sisters.

Documentation Required

The US citizen must complete a Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) to initiate the process. A separate Form I-130 is not required for the spouse of the sibling or unmarried children who are under 21 years old. The US citizen must show a proof of his/her citizenship by showing any of the following: a copy of a valid US passport, US birth certificate, the consular report of birth abroad, the naturalization certificate or the certificate of citizenship.

A copy of the birth certificate of the citizen and his/her sibling must be presented in order to show at least one common parent. If the relationship was acquired through adoption, a copy of the decree that shows that the adoption happened before the child turned 16 must be present.

If the siblings are related through a step-parent, copies of documents that shows any previous marriages of the natural parent or step-parent were terminated legally and a copy of the natural parent and step-parent’s marriage certificate.

If the siblings have the same biological father but different mothers, a copy of the father’s marriage certificate to both women and copies of documents that show that all the previous marriages of the father and the mothers were terminated legally.

In the case that the citizen or the sibling’s name has changed, a proof of legal name change such as marriage certificate, name change judgment, divorce decree or adoption decree must be presented.

Status Of The Petition

The status of the petition can be checked by logging into the Immigration Services website and going to the “My Case Status” page. It is important to know that it is not possible for the sibling to enter the US while the petition is still pending so the sibling can only enter the country once the petition has been approved.

Appeal For A Denied Application

If the petition for the permanent residency of the sibling is denied, the procedure to file for an appeal to the decision will be indicated in the letter along with the date when the appeal must be filed. After the appeal form has been completed, it will be forwarded to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

These are the information a US citizen must know in order to petition their foreign sibling for a permanent residency in the US. For more details about the petition process, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website can be visited.

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