How To File A Travel Complaint Against An Airline

How To File A Travel Complaint Against An Airline


Many people remember their first flight experience. However, the reason a person remembers it is not because they enjoyed their first flight, but because they had issues before, during, and after the travel. If you had such experiences, then you must file a travel complaint against an airline.

Before you file a complaint, there are a few rules that you must follow. This article will discuss the steps in filing a travel complaint.

Call The Customer Service Representative

One of the common mistakes made by many passengers is they file a complaint to the airline crews. Though they might help you with the issue, you will just get a small attention. It is because they can only handle simple complaints. Thus, if you had a really bad experience, you must call their customer service representative. Tell them the reason why you are complaining. Get a copy of all the transactions that you did with the company. Once you have filed a complaint, you must reproduce its reference number so you can get access and check the status of your case.

Re-Examine Your Experience

If the airline company fails to give you your desirable compensation, you must re-examine your experience. Ask yourself if you are just overreacting, or if you really felt downgraded during the flight. If you think you are on the right side, then you must proceed to the next step.

Write A Complaint Letter

You must send a letter to the airline heads, and tell them why you are complaining. Look for some witnesses who can testify for you. Also, include the dates and other information relevant to your case. It will serve as your evidence if they asked you what happened.

Get Help From The Air Transport Users Council

If the heads don’t comply, the next thing that you must do is go to the Air Transport Users Council. It is an agency that fixes issues between customers and airlines. They might also give you advice on the next step you should take.

Visit A Court

When all else fails, you must proceed to the final step. You should visit a court and file a travel complaint against the airline. Gather all the information and evidence needed for your case. Get the help of a lawyer as he can guide you throughout the case.

When choosing a lawyer, you must make sure that he held cases like this before. Also, know the number of trials he won prior your complaint. Knowing these things will help you choose the best attorney who can work with you.

Many people choose to post their bad experiences on social media to get people’s attention. However, it will not help you solve the issue. Yes, you may get their attention quickly; however, it doesn’t guarantee you that they will give you the compensation that you want. Thus, the best way to fix the issue is to file a complaint against the airline company. Though it takes time and money, you will get justice and money back from the service.

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