For Telephone Service

Not all people can afford the regular cost of telephone or cell bills. That is why the Federal Communications Commission’s Universal Service Fund started a lifeline for those who are hard up on expenses.

  • Here’s how you can get a lifeline:
  • Check the lifeline website then check the criteria for eligibility.
  • Look for the nearest participating telephone company in your area
  • Sign up with the company
  • For disputes and complaints regarding the lifeline, learn who to contact
  • You may contact your state social service agency if you are unable to afford any telephone line but still use a cell phone to contact 911

For Home Energy Bill

 For Medical Bills

This is the most common reason why people seek financial aid because it can be very expensive. Here is a list of programs that can help:

For Welfare Or Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (Tanf)

  • The TANF, popularly known as welfare aids families who are not able to sustain their children under 18 years of age in terms of food, housing, educations, child care, etc.
  • For applications, questions or disputes, you can contact your local TANF office.