Most people know that the government gives out grants and loans or ‘free money’, however, only some people know the difference between these two. The terms are often misused and misunderstood.

Grants – these are monetary assistance from the government to certain agencies, companies, universities or organizations and are usually used for research, law enforcement and other non-profit projects. Grants are not given to serve as personal benefits from the government.

Loans – loans differ from grants because loans are given or awarded to individuals usually for assistance or as personal benefit. Loans have interests and should be paid back once the individual is able to.

Here are sites where you can look for loan or grant offers:

Important reminder: There are also scams and frauds in relation to grant and loans, the websites and links written here are government sites and are legal. In case you received information that you qualify for a grant, you can check the consumer alert on free grants; this is operated by the Federal Trade Commission. If you have been a victim of scam or fraud, you can file your complaint with the FTC. For more information you can contact your state consumer protection office.

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