Government Agencies and Elected Officials


Government Agencies and Elected Officials

Find contact information for federal, state, local, or tribal governments and elected officials.

Federal Government

Contact Federal Agencies and Departments

Contact Elected Officials

  • Congress and the White House
    These steps can help you identify and contact your representatives in Congress, as well as contact the White House.

Contact Information by Branch of Government

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State, Local, and Tribal Government

Contact State Agencies and Elected Officials

  • State Governments
    Visit the website for each state, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories and associated states.
  • State Governors
    Contact your state governor.
  • State Legislators
    Find the names and current activities of your state legislators.

Contact Local and Tribal Governments

  • Local Governments
    Get contact information for U.S. cities and other local governments.
  • Tribal Governments
    Learn more about and find contact information for tribal governments in the U.S.

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Elected Officials

Contact Federal Elected Officials

Contact State Elected Officials

Contact Local Elected Officials

  • Local Elected Officials
    Get contact information for mayors of U.S. cities and other local government representatives.
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