Income Tax Return Preparation Help (Free)

There are a number of user-friendly materials made available by the [Internal Revenue Service (IRS)] all in the bid to help the ordinary man easily deal with tax payments.

Specialized Programs for Qualified Taxpayers

In case you are eligible, you can utilize the free tax return plans given below:

  • [Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)] – If you fall in the category of people who earn below $52,000, VITA provides help for free with your taxes. It is same if you are not fluent in English, among the disabled or elderly. The people who offer help with tax credits are endorsed by the IRS. These people also put together a simple electronically-filed tax returns.
  • [Tax Counselling for the Elderly (TCE)] – IRS-accredited people are in place to help with pension-related and retirement-related issues for people above 60.

Contact The Internal Revenue Service

For further info, [contact the Internal Revenue Service].

Free Federal Tax Resources For Seniors And Retirees

There are adequate systems in place by the IRS to deal with all federal tax-related inquiries that you might raise.

You can get in touch with the [Internal Revenue Service] for more info about your federal taxes. Alternatively see your [state’s tax department] for more detailed info about your locality.

Tax Help For Individuals With Disabilities

Tax aid and materials are provided for the disabled, courtesy of the IRS, to help with tax-related issues.

For further info on the active services for the disabled, go to [your local IRS office].

The IRS proudly sponsors [Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)]. So [Find a VITA site] in your area for any necessary tax help free of charge for the disabled.

Accessing IRS.Gov

Info at [ Accessibility] gives the disabled person access to publications and tax forms. The info provided outlines a number of product options that can be downloaded. However, you can alternatively call 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676) to access a hardcopy or even Braille from the IRS.