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Alternative Fuel Vehicles

The use of alternative fuel vehicles is becoming popular to motorists nowadays. There are different alternative fuel vehicles in the market. Research is the key to finding the right vehicle for you. You can find, compare and choose the one that will best suit your preferences and specifications:

Alternative and Advanced Fuel Locator

You can check out and visit alternative fueling station locator for:

  • Locations of alternative fueling stations that are near your area
  • A map route that contains directions and specific stations of alternative fueling that you might pass through on the road.

Gas Price Gouging

When an emergency or a calamity strikes a town or a state, some gas stations take advantage of the low supply and high demand and increase their prices which can be unreasonable at times. These emergency situations include a hurricane, tornado or earthquake that has caused damage to the area and the residents that live within that place. Unreasonable pricing of gas during these times is deemed unfair and is called price gouging, this is considered illegal. For people who feel like they have been a victim of price gouging, you can contact your state attorney general.

Reasons For Changes In Gas Prices

If you have noticed, the prices of gas from your local gas stations change from time to time; there can be a rise or fall of gas price multiple times over a year. You will also notice that a certain city can have a different gas price from another. There are Several factors affect the price of gas.

Crude Oil Prices

This is one of the biggest factor in terms of the price of gas; crude oil prices. What is crude oil? You might ask – this is the main ingredient of gas that is used to make cars and vehicles run. Crude oil is not only available and used in the United States, in fact; the whole world depends o on this very important ingredient to make their vehicles run and support their transportation needs. Due to the high demand of crude oil not only in the country, but also the whole world; the supply has become limited and scare for everyone’s use. As the demand for this important ingredient increases, the supply will decrease and can cause shortage. This can happen during natural disasters or calamities or political disturbances in areas that produce this oil. These are the main reasons why crude oil price increases which is also the reason why gas prices increases at your local gas stations.

Refineries and Transportation

Not all cities and countries produce crude oil, and in those areas where crude oil can be found; there are huge oil companies that collect and process such oil. The first thing these companies do is to drill the ground in significant depths to look for crude oil. Then they will refine this ingredient or expose it to several chemical processes that will make the raw ingredient compatible to use as a fuel for cars. Once the crude oil has been refined and processed, it will be transported to region of the country via huge underground pipelines and tanker trucks. The cost of the process of refining and transportation of crude oil is shouldered by the consumers all around the world.

The majority of oil refineries in the country are found in the southern part of the United States, near the Gulf of Mexico. The transportation of oil differs, the farther the place where the oil will be delivered, the more expensive transportation will cost. This is the reason behind the higher prices of gas at areas farther away from the refineries as compared to those nearer to it.


Some seasons causes the process of oil refining to undergo more steps which makes it more expensive. These seasons are during the late spring and hot summer months, when these seasons approaches; expect gas prices to be more expensive than the previous months especially during summer. Some states also require additional process of ingredients to be added to the refined fuel, these additionals are for the environment’s safety and protection. If your state requires such; then the gas price in your area is most likely higher than the gas price in other states that do not practice this law.


The cost of gas is also affected by the taxes in your state. The price per gallon of fuel or gas includes taxes from federal, state, country and city governments. States may have different gas prices because of the differences in the tax they include in the fuel price.

Local Factors

Aside from the things mentioned above, there are also local factors that affect the price of gas. For example, in areas or cities that have fewer gas stations, they tend to have a higher gas price as compare to the areas with more gas stations in the area. Gas station operators have to pay for their own rental cost, fee for franchising, salary of staffs they have and other expenses that are included in their business. The difference is the business cost or expenses will affect the price of gas from different gas stations even if they are just near each other. Some gas stations offer lower gas prices by offering loyalty programs to consumers or a few cents off from gallon promotions. Some gas stations also offer lower gas prices if consumers choose to pay via cash than by debit or credit cards. You can use’s gas price tool to look for the gas station with the lowest gas price in your area.