File A Federal Income Tax Return

The United States Internal Revenue Service is the body set up to collect taxes from all bodies. The taxes that are amassed by the IRS is what is channeled into the provision of goods and services in the public sector. Usually, taxes that are collected are taken from the pay check of people (payment via withholding).

Now you need to understand that filing for a federal tax return is not necessary unless your money is above a particular figure. Despite this, you do need to file the income tax return in order to get any tax credit (refundable) or any withheld refund on your tax.

If you discover that you need to have a tax return filed, then:

Tax Payment Information

Various options are available when you are ready to pay your federal taxes these days. The following are some of the payment options that you can use:

  • You can pay directly
  • By Debit card or credit card
  • By means of the electronic federal tax payment system
  • By check

For more information, kindly check this: [make a tax payment].

Tax Refund Info

In case you are among those currently waiting for a refund, kindly go ahead and [check your federal tax refund status online]. Alternatively, you can simply call the [Refund Hotline]. Still having concerns about your refund, especially within the initial twenty-one days after you filed for it electronically? The Internal Revenue Service can lead you to the [Where’s My Refund?] tool available online now.

Also, note than it is possible to actually make a choice to get your [tax refund]. You can opt for the paper check, the direct deposit or even the U.S. Series I Savings Bonds.

The Changes For The 2015 Tax Filing Period

Some of the help offered by the IRs and other taxpayer services have moved to automated self-services for the 2015 tax period. You can find out more about this through [affected services and reasons for these changes].

Contact The Internal Revenue Service

For further info, [contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)].


Taxpayer Identity Theft: ID Verification With IRS.Gov

The Internal Revenue Service has a strong stance against false representations of identity. Even the slightest detection of shady or mistrusting details about identity causes the IRS to step in and stop any movement on federal tax returns. The common misrepresentations are associated with names and social security numbers. In any case, a detection of a tax identity theft prompts the IRS to send a 5071C letter to your current address. When you happen to get such a letter, ensure you do an ID verification at []. Alternatively, you can call the toll free number that is given inside the letter.

If you happen to be the victim of state tax identity theft, get in touch with the Department of taxation in your state as soon as possible. You can also go to the office on the comptroller and get the necessary guidelines about what to do from there.

If you want to get more information about the 5071C letter, along with the, [click here].

1099 Income Statements

Apart from Salaries, wages and tips, [Government agencies], along with other businesses employ the Form 1099 when there is the need to report other kinds of income to the [Internal Revenue Service (IRS)].

Agencies are require to do the following things:

  • Completion of a Form 1099 for every transaction that takes place
  • Keep a copy for records
  • Sending another copy to the person (you) and then one to the IRS as well. Note: you are supposed to receive yours in the first few weeks of February. If it is a Form 1099-B, then expect it in the latter part of February.

Now, remember to add this income on the federal tax return.

Incorrect Form 1099/ Missing Form 1099

In case you discover the information that is in your Form 1099 is not correct, quickly get in touch with the issuing business or agency. Likewise, if you failed to receive the form altogether, go ahead and get in touch with the agency that was expected to issue your Form 1099.

Contact The Internal Revenue Service

Ensure you [contact the IRS] if the Form 1099 you were expecting from an agency failed to turn up.

More Time To File Your Tax Return

It is not unheard of to have problems filing your federal tax return. In case you find yourself in this kind of situation, you can contact the IRS and gets a period of extension. Note that getting an extension does not necessarily give you additional time to pay your taxes.

Extensions Given To Individuals

You can become eligible for an automatic extension period of six months for your federal tax return if you file [IRS Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return]. Note that this is supposed to be done by the due date given for you to file your calendar-year return or alternatively, your fiscal year return. This mostly is in the middle of April. Get your Spanish variant of the form provided here [IRS Form 4868sp]

Special rules may apply in case you are:

However, you could go to [Filing Information] which is in Publication 17, Your Federal Income Tax, for further info about the rules in place regarding automatic extensions as well as the filing federal of your income tax returns as a person.

The Federal Tax Filing Season

On 20th January this year, the IRS started to take and process the federal tax returns for the 2014 tax year. So you only had up to the 15th of April to get your tax return filed, except of you [filed for an extension]. This means that the returns for the 2015 tax year is due on 15th April next year. The IRS gives you [free online tools] as well as [special programs for qualifying taxpayers]. These are in place to help individuals file their returns successfully.

These [payment options] are available in case you owe the IRS. However, if IRS owes you, the money can be taken by [tax refund], via direct deposit, paper check or even U.S Series I Savings Bonds.

[File your federal tax return online] or you can get the address for [mailing your paper return].

The 2014 Tax Season Reforms

Some IRS assistance services along with taxpayer services will switch to automated self-service mediums. Discover more concerning [affected services and reasons for these changes].

Contact The Internal Revenue Service

For further info, [contact the Internal Revenue Service].

Acquire Tax Forms & Publications

Federal Tax Forms

There are free federal tax forms along with publications on various topics that have been made available by the [Internal Revenue Service (IRS)] and the US’ tax agency. Fins the [tax forms and publications] by either ordering via phone or simply downloading them. Get them also from places like [taxpayer assistance centers], [libraries], as well as [post offices].

Go to the IRS website for [tax forms and publications online]. With it comes previous years’ editions, and several file formats as well. Get the forms and publications also in [accessible Braille or text format] too.

State Tax Forms

You can get [state tax forms and instructions] in case in you have changed states or you want to file your taxes in your state.

Acquire Your W-2 Before Tax Time

The [W-2] (Wage and Tax Statement) displays the amount of income you have earned throughout the year, along with the withheld taxes of those figures.

You would potentially have multiple forms to file your tax returns in case you did multiple jobs throughout the year. By 31st January, your employers would be required to give you a W-2 for the income you made from the year’s work.

In the instance where the information is [incorrect], or you [haven’t received your W-2], by 31st January 31, the IRS provides valuable steps to guide you take the next necessary step.

If you are an inquiring employer with concerns about the W-2 forms, kindly check [resources on where, when, and how to file] from the IRS.

For further info, contact the [Internal Revenue Service].

Internal Revenue Service Mailing Addresses

[The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)] gives mailing addresses for the following:

  • Applications
  • Tax returns
  • Payments and
  • Non-return forms

Here are links for [Paper Tax Returns] and [Non-Return Forms] (Applications and payments)

Alternatively, find a [form’s corresponding instructions] for an active mailing address.

Contact The Internal Revenue Service

For further info, [contact the IRS].