The government of the United States recognizes more than 500 Indian tribes officially from the 48 states and Alaska. These tribes are eligible for funding and services, directly or indirectly via grants, contracts or compacts from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

This is the list from the Bureau of Affairs of federally recognized tribes and contact information for each tribe’s Tribal Leader.


Historic Preservation

A program designed to help and assist Indian tribes in protecting and preserving their resources and traditions is the National Tribal Preservation Program and are funded by program through Tribal Heritage grants.

The programs also funds Tribal Historic Preservation Officers, who:

  • Does the inventory of tribal historic properties
  • Prepares and carries out tribal-wide historic preservation plans
  • Reviews undertaking on tribal lands with the federal agencies

The Tribal Historic Preservation Office (for federally recognized tribes) or other designated representatives (tribes that are non-federally recognized) must be consulted when a federal agency reviews a project on tribal lands. Indian tribes that attach religious and cultural beliefs to their properties regardless of their location should also be consulted by federal agencies.


As stated in the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act:

  • Native American human remains and cultural items should be identified and included in the inventory of museums and federal agencies
  • Federally recognized Indian tribes should be consulted by agencies and museums when objects are returned to descendants, organizations or tribes.
  • Authorize grants(PDF, Download Adobe Reader) to assist tribes, villages and museums to document and return human remains and other significant objects to the native people

The National Park Service in collaboration with the tribes will interpret the history to visitors and protect the archeological sites.

For tribes with critical historical preservation issues; the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and the National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers are consulted for assistance.

Other Cultural Resources

Housing Help: Resources for Native Americans

For assistance regarding housing, you may contact:

Native American Housing Programs

Legal Resources for Native Americans


Crime Prevention

Money and Laws