Health Care Services for the Elderly


Growing older doesn’t mean you lose the excitement of living at home and enjoying the presence of family and friends—even if you have only a few friends around… The existence of health care services, homes and facilities may have the interests of old people and their families at heart, but there are a lot of people out there who would rather be abreast of the best ways of keeping themselves well while still living at home. Ultimately, you need to carefully assess your condition and make a decision based on what’s best for your health.

Health Care ServicesThere are over 44.7 million American people over the age of 65, and a good 23% of this number are non-institutionalized people in fair or poor health. The statistics point out that there are however only 7% of non-institutionalized old elderly folks who depend fully on someone else to take care of them. You can stay at home, but go through the following notes to be sure if it’s a good idea.

What should Influence your Decision

Health Conditions

If you have a health condition that is not going to go away, how serious is it currently? You should be thinking about the mechanisms you need to come up with to handle the situation when it gets worse and when even movement and communication becomes a problem.

Family and Friends’ Availability

If you are the elderly fellow that likes to keep to himself, or do not have any friends or family around, you’ll have to seriously consider how to manage when your strength begins to wane. It would be prudent to be much nearer a help facility in this case. In the case of those with family and friends available still, you need to understand that those you depend on will not be able to do everything for them as times goes on. Further help might be required.

When you Decide you are Staying No Matter What

Despite the points made above, some elderly folks will remain confident in wanting to remain home and would firmly stand by their decision no matter what. Now, in case you REALLY want to be home until you lose all your teeth and hair, what kind of measures are advisable for you to employ to help settle better and promote good health? Hopefully, these key points will enlighten you on some things to notice and effect in your bid to stay at home safely and comfortably:

Accessible Healthcare

Even when at home, measures can be put in place to secure regular medical examination and assessment. Whether you have your own family doctor, or you would need extra help from other professionals in the health care industry, like physios and home health nurses, make this a priority. If you are healthy, the rest are easier.

Social Programs

You may be home, but you need to socialize well enough to keep up with your right fitness levels. The walking, visiting of senior day-care centres occasionally, and generally hanging out all do wonders for you while you bid to remain home and maintain yourself in your old age.

Changes at the House

Some changes and modifications may be necessary in order to adjust to living at home successfully like in previous years. You may not be able to run around the house or dash up the stairs anymore, or to a further extent, even stand in the shower… Physical modifications to suit your new style of living is very necessary to enable you adapt to living at home without feeling handicapped or over-reliant on anyone, be it family or friends.

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