Everyone’s looking for a job that does not only pay well but is also interesting. Of course, the best job to have is when you get to be your own boss and work whenever you want to, but that does not guarantee you a the income that you need.

There are thousands of job vacancies everywhere, both in the public and private sector, but not all of these job openings pay well. The key to finding the right job for you with a generous pay is to look for a career that is in demand in the society. Not only that, it is best to look for jobs in the government.

Best Government Jobs for 2015Year by year, job openings in the government change, but one cannot deny the fact that they pay much more than job openings in the private sector. The best government jobs for the year 2015 not only offers jobs with high salary but also internships with the chances of getting the job permanently.

Here are the best government jobs for the year based on the benefits and salary one can earn:


An astronomer is a scientist that focuses on the study of the heavenly or celestial bodies, namely planets, starts, moons, black holes, comets, nebulae, asteroids and galaxies. They are concentrated not on the universe alone but about the world beyond the earth.

Surprisingly, the number of American astronomers is quite small. That is why Americans are encouraged and empowered to join the force to fill the need for more astronomers by the government.

There are five job openings for astronomers in the government for 2015: Aeronautical Imagery, Aeronautical Analyst, NASA astronaut, Airline Pilots and Flight Engineers, and Aerospace Engineer. The salary offered by the government goes as high as $116,072, and they are currently in need of 27,000 employees.


Attorneys or lawyers a greatly in demand, not only for private offices but more for the government offices. They are needed in the Federal area to investigate cases in the Department of Justice or other offices of the government. They also help in the formulation and implementation of laws.

There are three departments in the US that are in great need for lawyers: Department of Justice, Department of the Treasury, and Department of the Interior. The highest paying job offers as high as $114,240.

Financial Manager

Financial Managers are in charge of the financial health of any system or company. They do all things related to finances, such as creating reports, auditing, investment plans and the financial overall status of the company at present and in the future.

The state that pays the highest in terms of financial managers is New York. The three departments of the government in need of financial managers are the Army, Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Treasury.

General Engineer

A general engineer in the government can earn up to $100,051 and the two departments in most need are the Department of Energy and the Department of the Interior. Their main job is with regards to energy and infrastructures. To be able to get the job, you must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering.


All countries in the world have numerous economists hired in their offices because they have a very critical job involving data and statistics vital in determining trends in a country’s economy. Applicants who are PhD holders will more likely get the job than those who do not. You can earn as much as $94,098.

Computer Scientist

Due to the advancements in technology, it’s no wonder why computer scientists are needed by the government. Their main job is to work as theorists, researchers or inventors. They are required to collect data pertinent to the government, review and analyze it and store it confidentially.


A chemist is a scientist trained to study the composition of things and its different properties. Most chemists are usually hired by big pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms. There are three departments that are in need of chemists: the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security and the Department of the Navy.


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