Check Your Federal Tax Refund Status

You can successfully follow the status of the refund you filed for by using IRS’ [Where’s My Refund tool]. You can also choose to use the [IRS2Go] mobile application. Note that the options given are regularly updated (every twenty-four hours). You can alternatively give the IRS a call on their [IRS refund hotline] so you can go find out the progress with your refund application. Again, note that the IRS usually gives the refunds before twenty-one days has elapsed on your electronically filed tax return.

Acquire The Copies And Transcripts Of Your Tax Returns

If you are looking for a [prior year tax return] or a duplicate of a past filed tax return plus its attachments, you can send the following to get your hands on them:

  • A completed [Form 4506]
  • A fee of $50 for every tax return that you ask for. Note that you are supposed to make the payment to the US Treasury first.

In place of the tax return’s duplicate copy, a printed copy of your return info (your transcript) is accepted. You can [request a transcript online] to acquire all the info you need, rather than going ahead to pay money for another copy of the tax return.

The transcripts are usually employed in the validation process of the tax filing as well as the income status for applications of mortgage. It is also used for small-scale business loans and also for preparing tax.

Get in touch with the IRS in order to [obtain a free transcript].

Find your [state’s Department of Revenue] to know the procedures in place to get copies from previous years’ state returns.

Pay Federal Taxes And Resolve All Tax Disputes

The numerous procedures through which one can complete the payment of federal taxes include the following:

  • You can pay directly
  • By Debit card or credit card
  • By means of the electronic federal tax payment system
  • By check

For more information, kindly check this: [make a tax payment].

Payment Options For Back Taxes

The IRS is aware of the financial struggles of people, and that is why there are options that have been made available to enable more people deal with back taxes that are yet to be paid. Look at some of the options provided below:

Resolve Tax Disputes

Some of the means through which you can successfully settle any current issues with the Internal Revenue Service include the following:

For further info, contact the [IRS] now.

Tax Liens

When you are faced with a situation where you are unable to pay the tax debt, the claim the federal government issues against you is known as the [tax lien]. The information that has been provided below outlines methods to help you understand the effects of a tax lien and how you can successfully get it off from the properties you have.

How Does A Tax Lien Affect You?

Your Assets:

Every single one of your current assets, together with future assets that would be acquired during the tax lien season are affected by the lien. Cars, houses and all forms of securities all fall under the kind of assets that are affected by the lien.


Even in the case where you decide to file for bankruptcy, all the documents that are in the public domain pointing to the ownership of the government over your assets, along with the lien and debt will persist afterwards.

Your Business:

Any available assets that are related to your business (including accounts receivable) are affected by the tax lien.

Your Credit:

It would be virtually impossible for you to buy any new property or sell an old one— taking loans would probably be even more difficult. This is because the tax lien could appear on your credit report.

How To Get Rid Of A Tax Lien

Currently, the best possible way to resolve a tax lien is to pay the debt you own in full. When you pay in full, the IRS releases a federal lien within a 30-day period.

Below though are other options available to help minimize the effects of a tax lien on you:

Discharging Of Property

This actually takes the tax lien from the selected asset or property. However, this comes along with several conditions from the IRS. Check [Publication 783, Instructions on How to Apply for Certificate of Discharge From Federal Tax Lien] for further info on this option.


This option allows the creditors to actually jump ahead of the IRS. This option does not actually take away the tax lien, but it actually does make it easy when you need to acquire a loan or even mortgage. For more info on this, kindly [read Publication 784, Instructions on How to Apply for a Certificate of Subordination of Federal Tax Lien]


This takes away the public notice of the lien and informs that the Internal Revenue Service is no longer chasing your property with existing creditors. This doesn’t change the fact that you will still be liable for the figure due. Check [Form 12277, Application for the Withdrawal of Filed Form 668(Y), Notice of Federal Tax Lien, Internal Revenue Code Section 6323j] to learn more.

If you need help in getting rid of a state lien, find your [state revenue department]. Also see your local tax body to help with local government liens.

Additional Tax Lien Resources

Centralized Lien Operation

Where you need info for basic issues such as putting in a request for payoff or verification, the following will be helpful:

Phone: 18009136050

Internal Revenue Service

Lien Processing Unit

PO Box 145595

Stop 8420G

Cincinnati OH 452505595

Internal Revenue Service Video Portal

[Informational videos on various tax lien issues] provides video on issues such as application for subordination, withdrawing notices and refinancing.

Tax Refund Reductions

How it Works

The federal government is likely to make deductions from your tax refund if you find yourself owing any money to a state agency or business. The Bureau of Fiscal Service (BFS) (is also known as [Treasury Offset Program]). It is responsible for such collections in the stead of the federal business or agency that you owe.

The BFS will contact you about the deduction with details about the figure you owe after they check your details and taxpayer info with the delinquent debtor database it has; they will then forward the amount to the agency that you were owing. However, when BFS discovers that you owe more that were even meant to get, then the whole amount will be given to the federal agency that you owed. Consequently, they will forward the company the amount you owe and forward the rest you in case you are owing less of course.

An instance is this: If your intended sum is $2000 in tax refund, but you find yourself owing a sum of $500, then BFS will take away the $500 from the federal tax refund and forward it to the bank from which you took the loan. It will give you a prompt info if its actions, together with your balance of $1500.

If you are very sure that an erroneous deduction was made, then the best move would be to get in touch with the federal agency that you owed. The IRS has in place reliable and great info to guide you understand the tax refund offset system better. So, if questions persist about this particular program, then kindly look at the [frequently asked questions]. You can also check the [Bureau of Fiscal Service].

Federal Tax Refund Checks- Unclaimed And Delivery Failures

The United States IRS are recorded to have unclaimed and undelivered refunds on tax going into the millions annually. This figure is enormous, but true.

Undelivered Federal Tax Refund Checks

If you are changing your residence, it is important to let the IRS know because your refunded check is always mailed to your last address (which they have). Of course, notifying the Postal Service is another good option. The check will be sent back to the IRS though if you are not available at your old address. For an undelivered federal tax refund, kindly check out IRS’ [Refund Status]. In this case, your precise amount is required, along with you Social Security Number and your filing status. Additional, you could be advised to also change your online address info. Alternatively, give the IRS a call on [IRS’ Refund Hotline].

In case you do change your residential address, send a [Change of Address Form 8822] to the IRS. Remember to also send a [Change of Address] to the Postal Service as well.

Unclaimed Federal Tax Refunds

In the case where you qualify to get a federal tax refund, but you are unable to file the return, you won’t be able to claim your federal tax refund. So, when you do not even need to actually file any return at all, it would be a good ideas for you to do any of the following, or even both:

File when your federal taxes were withheld from your pay

File when you are aware you are eligible for the [Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)]

However, you can file a return (within a 3-year period) even if you failed to do so previously due to wages falling below the requirements.

State Refund Checks

If you require more info on state tax refund check, then [contact your state revenue department]

Contact the Internal Revenue Service

For further info, [contact the Internal Revenue Service]