The Process of Adopting from a Foreign Country


Adopting From A Foreign CountryGenetics can be a very curious thing. Many of us would live a healthy life yet when it comes to giving life, there are a few who are incapable of doing so themselves. But instead of living in pity and sorrow, we have the option to adopt. Thousands of Americans opt for adoption every year, some choose American children and some choose to adopt internationally. If you do plan to adopt internationally, there are many legalities surrounding it. But don’t get confused and disheartened, we can guide you with a few pointers.

Why International Adoption?

You don’t have to be Brangelina or Madonna to be able to adopt internationally. There are many couples and families who opt for adopting from a foreign country as well. Third world countries such as Africa, Ethiopa, India, etc. open their doors to adoption from foreign countries because many children are forced to work at a very young age to feed their families. Many others are left abandoned, and sometimes many are simply left to fend for themselves because their parents died from sicknesses such as HIV.

Although their governments have laws and ways to help them, the situation may sometimes be too overwhelming and some children may be overlooked. This is why they have opted to give these children away for adoption to people from economically better countries so the children could have a better chance at life.

The Hague Convention

The term “Hague” will always come up when it comes to international adoption. This refers to the Hague convention on the protection of children with respect to adopting from foreign countries. This treaty has been signed by 88 countries to date. It has set up a safe, transparent and ethical adoption process to help protect children and their families. Adoption rules and regulations may differ from one country to the other like age and health restrictions.

Hague Guidelines:

  • The country from which you choose to adopt from must ensure through paper work and thorough investigation that the child is indeed and orphan with no other family members who are able to adopt and care for her in her own country.
  • You must seek an adoption agency or facilitator who is approved by the U.S. State department to help you in the adoption process. You must learn and fully understand the fees and expenses before you begin to plan. Any adoption, may it be within the U.S. or international, will always need a legal counsel. An attorney will be best for advices regarding the adoption process since you will be dealing with international laws.
  • There are two basic fees that you will need to pay, which are for the U.S. facilitator and the U.S. Government. This will cover the agency’s services, foreign government fees, and back ground check. Travel expenses will also be shouldered by you. The cost of international adoption ranges from $15,000.00 to $80,000.00. This means that you have to be prepared financially, because the cost of having and raising a child doesn’t stop there. Having a child will cost more than that with food, education, insurance, and health care expenses that you will have to deal with.
  • Parents must undergo a complete set of trainings to help their future child/children with issues they might face in the future. Remember that these children have been used to life in their country and will need much patients and guidance to be able to adapt in our country and to our lifestyle. Most children will deal with delays in mental and social development because of the nature of which they were in prior to adoption.

Adopting from a foreign country is a very tedious process but none-the-less is truly inspiring. Being able to rid the world of one less lonely child is worth much more than any monetary value. Understand that nations enforce strict policies in international adoption due to human trafficking. When we stick by the rules and processes, we are making sure that a child is taken away to a good home and not for any other purpose. These children have already been through so much for such a young age, adoption may be their only hope of having a loving family and a brighter future.

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